Mountain biking and cycling in Flachau

In Flachau you can ride your mountain bike up to an altitude of 2,000 meters. As a reward for the strenuous climb you have fantastic downhill stretches. But you don’t need a mountain bike to explore the Flachau region, cyclists enjoy the region as well. Try out the new e-bikes!

Mountain bike & cycle routes

In Flachau you will find routes for mountain bikes, normal bicycles, e-bikes, and even routes especially for families! So there is the right cycle route for everyone in the family.

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Enns cycle route

The popular Enns cycle route begins near the Prechtlhof farm. Get out your bike and go on a wonderful discovery tour in the beautiful natural landscape around Prechtlhof! You will be astounded at how much there is to see.

E-bikes for your family vacation in Flachau

E-bikes are bicycles that support your own pedal power at the push of a button. With a fully charged e-bike you can ride up to 40 km. Now it’s possible at last to enjoy a wonderful bicycle day in Flachau with the whole family no matter what kind of shape the individual members of the family are in!

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