Vacation at Prechtlhof in Flachau

We look forward to showing you real farm life! Living in harmony with nature, where fun and enjoyment have top priority.

Beautiful secluded location

At Prechtlhof, you have a wonderful view of Flachau, the surrounding mountain scenery, and five valleys. The forest starts right behind the farm, inviting you to go on great hiking tours. You can enjoy the quiet and the nature. Perfect for a relaxing vacation for the whole family in Salzburg!

Vacation with animals

Here on the farm there is always something happening. There’s no time for boredom. The various animals that make the farm into a big adventure playground make sure of that. Cats, chickens, cows, goats, and many, many other animals live on the farm and ensure an interesting vacation experience. But for all the fun, our four-legged friends ask for some attention now and then. You have to find time for them.

Be a farmer just once

When it gets warm, we take our cows up to their summer pastures at the Prechtlhütte. There they feel great and enjoy the summer on the alpine meadow.
We still work the pasture in the traditional way and invite you to join in and help like a real farmer! We’d be happy to introduce you to real farm life!