Children on vacation at the holiday farm in Salzburg

For children, a vacation at the farm in Flachau is a real adventure. Their eyes widen as soon as you arrive! Especially when our pet cats come to welcome them.

Playground where they can let off steam

Directly at the farm is a large playground where the children can swing, slide, and climb. And of course there’s a sandbox for their architectural masterpieces. There is a giant trampoline for more athletic activity. Often the children have exciting competitions to see who can jump highest. No wonder the children are worn out in the evening and go to bed waiting for the next exciting day.

Child farmers

Of course the children are welcome to help us out on the farm. Our young guests especially like to visit the animals in the barn. They quickly grab the shovel to give the cows their feed. A real farm experience… Please don’t forget to bring clothing for the barn, for as you know, kids will be kids and animals will be animals.

Children’s sledding hill in the winter

In the winter, we make a small sledding hill for children right in front of the farmhouse. The hill takes you from the farmhouse to the adjacent building and is very popular. And the best thing is - you don’t have to worry about them, because aside from our own driveway, there is no road around.

Pony riding at the Prechtlhof farm in Flachau

Pony riding is especially exciting for the children. At our farm you have the opportunity to let your children ride a pony – naturally with expert help. We show you and your children how to handle ponies, how to approach them, and where they especially like to be petted. And of course, there’s an introduction to pony riding.

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